Nominations for 2015-2016 MGCA Board Members are now being accepted

posted Apr 29, 2015, 3:14 PM by Moanalua Garden Community Association   [ updated Apr 29, 2015, 3:24 PM ]
E komo mai!  All are welcome to step up and be a part of a great Community Association.

Nominations are being accepted at this time.  Please join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, May 5th and volunteer to be a part of our upcoming board.  What do the board members do?

We are the eyes and ears of the community and if you will the guardians of a great place to live. 


We have a total of fifteen officers and directors all of which are voluntary.  

The heavy positions are President, Secretary, Editor and Treasurer. 

Let’s start off with the two most challenging; the Editor and Treasurer.

  • The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the books and making monthly financial reports to the Board. He collects dues, maintains the roster and does most of the dues collections.  He is also responsible for budget and the solicitation of groups who request funds from the association; this most exacting position probably takes anywhere from two to three hours per month.  
  • The Editor collects the information, organizes and edits the information and prepares the monthly bulletin for publication (the heavy writing is done by the president or any approved writer wanting to get a community minded message across).  Once organized and prepared the editor takes the bulletin for publication, picks up the copies and makes the distribution to the volunteer carriers who deliver to each household in the gardens (my best guess would be six to eight hours each month including the recruitment of new carriers.
  • Then there is the position of President who sets the agenda for Board meetings and presides over each monthly meeting.  You are also responsible to write the President's message of general interest to the community and also contributes a monthly column on security, community and affairs.  Specific topics of the message are the President's judgment that they feel would be of interest to the community.  The President also gets most of the phone calls from residents with complaints about dog poop, crime, noisy neighbors, helicopter noise or bad roads.  Real emergencies should always call 911 before the President gets a call.  There is usually some interface with elected officials and some functions to attend, but over all less than four hours is the load here.  The only time that time limit is exceeded is for the community functions such as the installation dinner, the in/out banquet and the Christmas party.  Mostly an enjoyable position. 
  • Following that would be the Secretary who takes minutes at each meeting and circulates for the Board members. Again my guess would be two hours each month.  
  • The other officer position is that of Vice Presidents who head up the scholarship committee, looks after the by laws and stands in for the President (maybe twice a year)  The VP also takes any heat when the President is not available.
  • Other than those four positions there is the important role of Welfare Chairperson who note the deaths in the community, purchase cards and takes care of the Koden (monetary gifts offered to families of the deceased at funerals) for every deceased member of the association.  They act for the President so credit for their important work comes back to the President.  This job is of the greatest importance and sets us apart from most association of our type. 
  • Then there is our Webmaster, this role is to keep our webpage updated with information that would be helpful to our community or anyone who wishes to find out more about our community.  On the website anyone can sign up to receive the monthly newsletter via email.  We encourage our community members to email the webmaster at to let us know what is going on in the neighborhood.  The time for this position varies depending on one's computer skills.  It may take about one to two hours per month.

So far that accounts for six of the fifteen members.  

  • The other Directors have different duties, for example, organizing the Christmas party, installation dinner, Annual Easter Egg Hunt, or other events and helping to make sure the community events go off without a hitch. Most are veterans of the association and are there to keep us all in line and to be the minders of our traditions as a community association  They help with the association meetings and gatherings by doing clean up, food service, registration, etc.  My guess would be including meetings, one to two hours a month. 

The important thing for the association is the fellowship of the group in looking after the welfare of the people in the Moanalua Gardens.  We are the eyes and ears of the community and if you will the guardians of a great place to live.  A great truism has always been, “the most difficult task is just showing up”, after that you solve the problem and move on. 

We will be voting and installing the new board members at our annual installation dinner on Sunday, June 14 in the Moanalua Elementary Cafeteria.  The event is from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.  Please join us in welcoming our members in their roles and joins us for some good food, entertainment and great fellowship with our community members.  Please email us for tickets at or call Pat Jones (808-839-5914)  Jean Kawamura (808-839-2849)  or Jane Matsunaga (808-839-2426).  Tickets will be $5.00 when purchased in advance and $10.00 at the door.  See you there!