Cyber Alert: Take Action Now!!

posted May 13, 2016, 1:53 AM by Moanalua Garden Community Association

A presentation for the community from:

Senator, Donn Mercado Kim

Representative, Aaron Johanson

Representative, Linda Ichiyama

Three months ago, cyber crime reports 3.5 billion in revenue, today, the total is 350 billion.  This business steals your personal information and sells it. 


1. Limit the amount of personal identifiable information, “PII”, such as:  social security number, driver’s license number, telephone number and date of birth.

2. Think twice before opening an email and attachments – know the sender.  Do not trust – verify; place a phone call to verify.

3. Social Media, be conservative of what you share. Information posted on the web, stays there forever.

4. Turn off your computer when not in use. Do not leave in “sleep” mode.

5. Change your phone password to a 10-digit code.  A four-digit code can be cracked in 20 minutes or less, where a 10-digit code takes over 37 years to break the code.

6.  Get protection:  Procure ID protection, such as Life Lock.

7. If you have an Android based instrument, the recommendation is to stay off the web or to connect via a VPN.


The above was shared by Dr. Jeff Cornelius EVP of Darktrace. His emphasis is with large Enterprise Software



Written by:  Pat Young