A sad day in Moanalua Gardens! Join the MGCA and help us keep our community clean

posted Jul 26, 2017, 12:08 AM by Moanalua Garden Community Association
This bad behavior has now started to spread into Moanalua Gardens.  When this happens, it causes the community to get very upset.  No one wants to see this on their walls or on a fence or a building.  It cost us time and money to clean up these messes and we would appreciate these vandals to stop painting our community.  The MGCA will do what it can to partner with the Moanalua Lions or other community members and work with the owner of this fence and other vandalized property to get this cleaned up.  We ask that if anyone witnesses this type of activity going on in our neighborhood to call 911 and report it immediately.  If we can catch these vandals, we can send a message that we won't put up with this type of behavior in Moanalua Gardens. We are the eyes and ears of Moanalua Gardens our community.  Together we can make a difference.  We encourage each and every household in Moanalua Gardens to join the MGCA and make your voices heard.  The membership is just $12 per year and if we can get everyone to participate, we will have enough manpower and funds to help our neighbors clean up these type of vandalism quickly and efficiently.